Saturday 23 April 2016

Earth Day Clean-up & Rite in Queen's Woods Today

There's a pagan Earth Day event taking place today in honour of Jean Williams, who passed away last Yule. It got missed off my events listing, which I posted earlier this week so I am mentioning it now and will also belatedly add it to my earlier post. Here are the details:

Earth Day Clean-up and Ceremony in Queen's Woods in honour of Jean Williams on Saturday 23rd April.

Jean Williams, a much-loved pagan elder, was a keen advocate of Earth Day and led eco-clean-up ceremonies at Queen's Woods, in Highgate, North London. This Earth Day event is being held to honour her.

Meet at 1pm at Highgate Tube Station, Priory Gardens exit. There will be a walk from the station to the wood, leaving a few minutes after 1pm. Once at the site there will be rubbish collection in Queens Wood until about 3.30pm, followed by a picnic and attunement in the clearing.

You can find out more details here:

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