Sunday 3 April 2016

Pagan Eye: A Druid at Folklore, Magic and Mysteries

This afternoon I visited the witchcraft exhibition that's on in Brighton at the moment and I bumped into a famous druid - Philip Carr-Gomm. He kindly let me take his photograph in front of the some druidic items on show there.

The full title of the exhibition is: Folklore, Magic and Mysteries: Modern Witchcraft and Folk Culture in Britain and it has displays of artefacts, manuscripts and documents from the Doreen Valiente Foundation collection. I'll be posting more about my visit on my blog when I've had a chance to sort out the rest of my photos and write some more about them.

 Folklore, Magic and Mysteries is on at Preston Manor, Preston Drove, Brighton BN1 6SD, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday each week. You can find out more details here:

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