Tuesday 25 June 2013

Pagan Eye: Wiccan and Druid Elders on a Historic Day

Here's another photo I took on the day of the unveiling of the Blue Plaque for Doreen Valiente at the Summer Solstice last Friday. It shows Wiccan teachers Vivianne and Chris Crowley (wearing witchy black) talking with Druid leader and author Philip Carr-Gomm (in druidic white).

They are all elders in their respective pagan paths who I admire immensely. Vivianne and Chris have run rituals and given talks at many superb events I have blogged about, including the recent PF London Conference 2013, while one of the best books on Wiccan practice is Vivianne's Wicca: A comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world. Philip is the author of The Book of English Magic and Druid Mysteries: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century.He also wrote about Doreen Valiente's Blue Plaque day on his own blog: http://philipcarrgomm.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/doreen-valiente-plaque-unveiled/

It was great to see so many well-known pagan figures on the historic occasion, coming together to honour another of modern paganism's most respected elders - Doreen Valiente.

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Paul Pearson said...

The unveiling of the plaque was a milestone - it received a lot of attention, and raised the profile of Paganism and witchcraft. It is a sign of acceptance as well as a commemoration of Doreen herself.

I was proud to be part of the organization and found the day to be incredibly positive and enjoyable, and would like to thank all those who worked hard to make it happen and all the people who came along to make it such a special day for us.