Friday 27 May 2016

Witch House Music: Hooded Leaders - Kill Your God

OK, so what's a middle-aged English witch doing dancing around her living room to American Ghetto Goth music?

Having a good time, is the answer!

Mark of witch house duo Hooded Leaders recently sent me the link to their latest mix and I really like it.

Mark said in his email: "You we're nice enough to cover our last video "The Night" and mentioned to send you whatever we have going on next! So we're stoked to say that we recently teamed up with NYC based clothing brand "Kill Your God" and just dropped a mix (that includes 6 originals) for them."

You can find a direct link to the mix here:

The clothes look good too.

If you want to find out more, here's the press release about it:
Hooded Leaders - Kill Your God MixWith this release PHL based Hooded Leaders drops an exclusive mix for Brooklyn based clothing company "Kill Your God". Over a half hour of witchy original production, bass heavy remixes, and a sprinkling of chopped and screwed vocals make this a go to for all your cult needs. Check out this release and make sure to play it during your next party or seance. Also keep your eyes peeled for their full release "Casting Circle" dropping in June.
Hooded Leaders are a Ghetto Goth producer duo based out of Philly with over 20 years of combined experience under their belt. PLEASE and RedHat have been longstanding staples in the Philly underground scene. Now they have joined forces to bring their unique blend of dark dance music to the masses. Merging the essence of Chopped and Screwed rap over witchy bass heavy dance music. Hooded Leaders provide the perfect music for holdin' a sacrifice in the bando, rocking' a 3am warehouse party or drinkin' a 40oz under a full moon. †
Link to the clothing shop and previous post

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