Monday, 22 August 2016

Bastet Candle - Shopping at the PF London Conference

I bought this lovely Bastet goddess candle and annointing oil in the market at the PF London Conference on Saturday. Both the candle and oil were handmade by esoteric herbalist Cristina Pandolfo of Domina Lunae Apothecary Witchcraft Emporium.

I will burn the candle in memory of my lovely cat Pharaoh who died just over a week ago, after a sudden illness.

Domina Lunae Apothecary specialises in creating and selling handmade supplies for magical practices, healing processes, feminine witchcraft and women’s spirituality. I was very impressed with all the lovely products on the stall, which I was told are made with natural ingredients and magical intent, following lunar magic and esoteric herbalism principles.

The stall had a range of goddess candles and if I could have afforded to on the day I would have bought several.

You can find out more at the Domina Lunae Apothecary website:

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