Friday 2 September 2016

Astrology: Russell Grant's Strictly Horoscopes

I must admit I don't watch Strictly but for those who do and are into astrology, here is Russell Grant's Strictly Horoscopes for those taking part in the new series, which starts on tomorrow, Saturday 3 September, on BBC One:

Whether it’s for the fun of taking part in a national treasure, the glitz and glamour or the chance to impress judges with a perfect dance performance, what does astrology reveal about this year’s Strictly Stars?

ARIES thrives in a high pressure, highly competitive environment. With a strong desire to be the best of the best, they set high standards for themselves. Aries Actress Tameka Empson will show how strongly motivated Aries can be.

TAUREANS are realistic. They know what they are capable of and are best at focusing on slow, controlled movement. They work at their own speed and can’t be pushed. Taurus TV Presenter Laura Whitmore will reveal the incredible Taurus stamina.

GEMINI’S curiosity knows no bounds. They learn quickly, leaping from problem to solution without going through the usual steps in-between. Gemini TV Personality Judge Rinder will communicate his Gemini wit and creativity through dance.

Ruled by the Sun, LEOS hold within themselves a determination and optimism so strong that they see opportunity in every challenge. Highly motivated TV Presenter Melvin Odoom will project the Leo zest for life through dance.

Conscientious VIRGO will feel a duty to perform to their best ability. Virgo Singer Anastacia will find a way to keep going despite the pressure this challenge puts on emotional and physical health.

Venus ruled LIBRANS love moving to music and will enjoy the social side, the glamour and the sparkling outfits as much as the dancing. Libran Actress Lesley Joseph will have that sense of rhythm and creativity that all dancers need to perform well.

SCORPIOS will never quit unless forced to do so. Whatever they take on they put their heart and soul into it. Look to this year’s Scorpio Strictly Stars for lessons in resilience. Athlete Greg Rutherford will achieve through careful and consistent practice, TV Presenter Ore Oduba will try over and over again ‘til he gets it right. Singer Louise Redknapp’s can-do attitude will reflect the Scorpio’s stamina and Gymnast Claudia Fragapane will be looking to improve by learning new things.

CAPRICORN sets realistic goals and expectations. Strongly motivated and willing to put in the work, Singer Will Young’s passion and dedication will exemplify the Capricorn’s powerful ambition.

Always eager for new experience, AQUARIUS will have their own unique learning style. Aquarians are not out to conform and their performance will leave a lasting impression. Aquarius Model Daisy Lowe will show how fiercely independent an Aquarius can be all through her Strictly experience.

For PISCES it’s about the journey, not the destination. Any defeat motivates them for the next challenge. Pisces TV Presenter Naga Munchetty will rehearse and perform with enthusiasm and creativity. Politician Ed Balls will improvise to cover up missteps and Pisces Actor Danny Mac will exhibit how the Strictly journey can be a rich and rewarding process.


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