Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas Candle Spell for Love, Joy and Hope

Here is a very easy candle spell that you can cast on Christmas Eve to help make the festive holidays perfect.

All you need is a large, good quality container candle - the type that are in a jar and have several days of burn time are ideal. Choose one in red to symbolise energy and warmth, or alternatively choose one in white to symbolise peace and reduce the chance of holiday rows.

During daylight hours on Christmas Eve hold the candle up to the rays of the sun and say: "May this candle be cleansed, blessed and charged by the light of the newborn sun." (It is ideal to do this at sunrise, but you can do it at any time during the day.)

Then bring the the candle into the room that you consider the heart of your home and say: "May the light of this candle bring love, joy and hope to all who dwell here, and all who visit."

Light the candle either at dusk or after the sun has set. Carry it into each room in the house before returning it to the main room. Put it in a safe place and let it burn throughout the holiday (although for safety reasons you can extinguish it at night when everyone goes to bed or if you leave the house, then relight it as soon as you get up or return.)

You can find out more ideas for candle spells and candle magic in my book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic.

Safety notes: Do not stare directly into the light of the sun and do not leave lit candles unattended. Always place candles in a safe place where they are not going to cause a fire.

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