Saturday, 10 December 2016

Shopping and Movies at Bluewater - A Guilty Pleasure

Going Christmas shopping at Bluewater, followed by a meal and a movie is very much my guilty pleasure every Yuletide. I know I should get all the presents I need to buy from small, independent retailers and support my local high street - and likewise should support independent restaurants and cinemas - but just once a year I can't resist the lure of the big mall.

That was were my hubby took me yesterday - for late-night shopping, Mexican food and a trip to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening.

First I'm going to briefly chat about the latest Harry Potter spin-off. It is fun, fast-paced and visually impressive. The characters are likeable and I hope to see them return in the future. But, I recommend not thinking about the plot too much - there are bits that don't bear too much in-depth analysis. Not as good as the original movies, but still entertaining.

That over, I'm going to chat about my shopping. Earlier this month my hubby and I went to Crowleymass at The Atlantis Bookshop, where everyone at the party was given a gift of a silver Eye of Horus charm, big enough to wear on a chain around your neck. I immediately put mine on, using a chain from another pendant, but my hubby didn't have anything to put his on.  

So, we went into a jeweller's in Bluewater. It was H Samuel - and I am happy to name it because the staff were extremely helpful. In fact, the woman who served us seemed very excited at our request. She explained that she was Egyptian herself and knew all about the history and meaning of the Eye of Horus. She was delighted we both wanted to wear them and said she hoped they would protect us. 

I'm not sure whether they did or not, but driving home we discovered we were only minutes away from a very nasty multi-vehicle collision on the motorway. It was a reminder that tragedy can happen to anyone, at any time, completely unexpectedly. I do hope no one was badly hurt, but sadly I think they probably were. 

If you are driving anywhere this Yule, please drive carefully.

The photo shows my hubby wearing his Eye of Horus on its new chain.

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