Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Imbolc: Altar and Poem to the Goddess Brigid

Poem to Brigid for Imbolc

Brigid, Lady of light
Who heats the forge and warms the home;
Return to us on this, your feast day.
Brigid, beloved of poets and crafters;
Who shoots the fiery arrow of inspiration,
We ask you to give us your blessings.
Goddess of the sacred fires and holy wells
Bringer of sunlight and bride of spring
Goddess of purity and passion
Return to thaw the frosts and bless the land
Clothed in the white of snowdrops
As the season turns and the world is renewed
Blessed be.

By Lucya Starza 2017


Rebecca Bird said...

Lovely poem Lucya xxx

Badwitch said...

Thank you!