Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Pagan Eye: Wood Anemones in Sussex

Arlington bluebells woods - as well as having plenty of bluebells (obviously) - has lovely wood anemones, which bloom slightly before the bluebells but are still around when the later flowers start to come out. I took this photo of two white wood anemones when I was there at the weekend.

Rachel Patterson, in A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs and Plants give this entry:
Anemone (Anemone pulsatilla)

A perennial spring flower plant with basal leaves and long leaf stems with single, pretty, brightly coloured flowers.

Anemone brings protection with it especially against negative energy.

Use the flower petals in health and healing workings.

Anemone Magical Properties: Protection, healing, health.
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Anemones can come in a range of bright colours, but wood anemones are generally white or slightly pink. Although magically anemones are associated with health and healing, they are in fact poisonous. Wikipedia has this to say about wood anemones:
The plant contains poisonous chemicals that are toxic to animals including humans, but it has also been used as a medicine. All parts of the plant contain protoanemonin, which can cause severe skin and gastrointestinal irritation, bitter taste and burning in the mouth and throat, mouth ulcers, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and hematemesis.
In the Victorian language of flowers, the anemone represented a forsaken love of any kind, while European peasants carried them to ward off pests and disease as well as bad luck.

Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail is open daily until May 24. It is at Bates Green Farm, Tye Hill Road, Arlington, near Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 6SH. Tel 01323 485151. The website is: www.bluebellwalk.co.uk/

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