Thursday, 11 May 2017

Men Gurta: Cornwall's Largest Monolith

Men Gurta - or St Breock Longstone - is Cornwall's largest monolith. It is 16ft high and stands near the top of the St Breock Downs, but although it is huge it isn't that easy to find as it is a little way off an unclassified road to Rosenannon and is somewhat obscured by gorse bushes. If you are looking for it, it is just past a wind farm and down a track on the opposite side of the road. The views from the spot over the surrounding countryside are lovely

The standing stone probably dates to the late Neolithic to mid-Bronze Age (about 2500-1500 BC) and was much later used as a parish boundary marker. Apparently Men Gurta means The Waiting Stone. I don't know a great deal about its history apart from that, or what it is supposed to be waiting for, but I have been recommended a book called Standing Stones of Land's End: An Enquiry into Their Function.

Men Gurta is managed by English Heritage, but there is no charge to visit it and there is open access at all times.

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