Friday 12 May 2017

Cornwall's Sacred Sites: St Nectan's Glen

If you go to Cornwall, you must visit St Nectan's Glen. Mind you, I have only just gone there myself despite countless holidays in Cornwall over the years.

Several people have sent me photos of the place and told me how wonderful it was, but really it is far more magical than I anticipated. I should say that it is not wheelchair accessible - in fact you need to be moderately mobile to climb down to the base of waterfall after a longish walk along the riverside path to the top of the fall. But, if you can manage it, it is really worth it.

The waterfall is beautiful - as the photos show to some extent - but the most amazing part of it is that you can wade out into the pool and stand as close to the falling water as you want. It is incredible.

The lovely staff at the cafe where you buy tickets can loan you some wellies if you don't want to get your feet wet, but I chose to go in barefoot to get the whole experience.

I'm not going to describe what it felt like to me. I am sure it is different to everyone, but it was completely magical.

I took many photos along the path and in the pool itself. I've posted just two of them here. The one on the top right shows light refracting through water droplets, forming orb-like shapes. And in those droplets, I think I can make out images that look a bit like faces.

As a photographer, I suspect they are simply reflections of my own face or simply pareidolia, but as a pagan I like to imagine they might be something more...

St Nectan's Glen is also depicted on the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle, by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, which I own a copy of and am going to start using again when I get back home.

Sets of the deck are available to look at and buy in the gift shop by the waterfall cafe, and can also be ordered via Amazon.

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