Monday 21 August 2017

Eclipse Magic: Let Go of the Old, Wish for a New Start

There's a solar eclipse today, which in the UK we will experience just before sunset. It will start at 7.40pm and reach its maximum at 8.04pm. Unlike the US, where people will see a total eclipse, those in London probably won't be able to see much at all as the moon will only appear to cover a small section of the sun.

However, those wanting to use the eclipse energy to make a wish will still feel its effects. It is a good time to make an affirmation to let go of old things we no longer need in our lives and to state intentions for the future. It might not be total darkness, but I will be lighting a candle and making a wish.

The usual safety message applies: do not stare directly at the sun unless you are wearing proper eclipse glasses.

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