Friday, 29 September 2017

Spider Phobia Workshop for Arachnophobes

I like spiders, but apparently 55 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men are frightened of them.

September and October is known as ‘Spider Season’ the time of the year when spiders come inside to mate. This is a real problem for the estimated 12 million UK adults who suffer from arachnophobia - a fear of spiders.

However, the Spider Courage Experience has a 4-hour course that offers to help. The organisers claim that people arrive with a fear of spiders and leave with the fear either disappeared or massively reduced to the extent that they can hold a live tarantula.

Run by founder and spider educator Britain Stelly and Harley Street hypnotherapist Adam Cox, The Spider Courage Experience takes place from 1pm to 5pm on selected Saturdays and offer a range of different therapeutic techniques such as, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and education that will give participants tools to build confidence in all areas of life beyond just the fear of spiders.

Good Morning Britain recently filmed a spider phobia therapy session with Britain Stelly at the ITV studios and at Chessington World of Adventures to highlight the extent that people with arachnophobia are affected by spiders during this time of year. Even Piers Morgan got so excited about the spiders he tried to kiss one of the tarantula's! Over three days of filming Britain helped more than 40 arachnophobes, including some celebrities, to overcome their fears.

James Jordon from Strictly Come Dancing struggled to even grasp the idea of holding a tarantula and on the first day refused to do it. Even running away when the tarantulas were brought out. By the third day, he held 'Peaches' one of the Spider Courage Experience therapy spiders and was thrilled to do so.

"It was a massive change to be able to do that!" James said.

Amber Davies, the recent winner of Love Island, was also able to hold a tarantula by the end of the therapy. Gemma Magnusson, despite being a champion weight lifter and one of the strongest women in the world, had always suffered with arachnophobia but managed to overcome her fears. In an emotional moment she held a tarantula and let a house spider crawl onto her hand. It destroyed her fear in one moment and changed her outlook on spiders all together.

Adam Cox, the hypnotherapist for The Spider Courage Experience explained why such dramatic changes can happen so quickly. He said: “Phobias are learnt quickly either by an initial sensitising event or often from parents or family members. The mind works quickly to develop a fear as part of a survival strategy. The techniques we use can create an immediate change because we do things quickly. Many people can’t believe that you can destroy a phobia in a few hours but it’s easier to do it fast as that’s how the mind works!”.

Although it’s still spider season right up to Halloween, arachnophobes no longer have to let spiders be the thing they fear. Creature courage is offering a free hypnosis download on its site to help get through the rest of the tricky time.

The next Spider Courage Experience takes place at Chessington World of Adventures on October 21.

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