Saturday, 4 November 2017

Music Video: Neon Moon by Matthew Callow

Seeing as it is a full moon tonight, I'm sharing this new music video called Neon Moon, by singer and synth-pop artist Matthew Callow. I've known Matthew for ages as friend - mainly through things like the magical festivals, fairy festivals and various pagan events - but over the past few years I've really seen him develop as a singer and musician.

Matthew has a great voice and I found his new track really beautiful. He describes it as: "A gay love song - two men who meet in a bar, fall in love, but cannot be together..."

Neon Moon is also the title track of Matthew's latest album, which is due for release early in 2018 and features 45 minutes of original music. He will be touring the UK in 2018 with Neon Moon and performances have already been booked for gay prides, summer festivals and at a variety of alternative events.

For more information about Matthew Callow and Neon Moon, visit

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