Saturday, 4 November 2017

News: Witches, Pagans, Monuments & Strange Houses

The Witch's Grave: the enduring mystery of Scottish 'witch' Maggie Wall" - story at iNews:

"Calls for national memorial to Scottish witches" - story at HeraldScotland:

"House tied to 1692 Salem witch trials rises from near ruin" - story at WTHR:

"Mysterious pagan house restored" - story at

"Face of 'witch' who died before she could be burned for her 'crimes' is digitally reconstructed 300 years later" - story at

"These modern day witches practice 'magic' - but it's not what you think" - story at LincolnshireLive:

"'She's making a foolish mistake': White Witch warns Angelina Jolie against using spells and 'tattoo binding' to woo back Brad - as she reveals a magic ritual for the lovelorn to find happiness" - story at the Daily Mail:

"Take a tour of a witchcraft museum in Cleveland" - story at WTXL ABC 2:

"'My relation was stabbed as a witch'" - story at BBC News:

"Britain's young witches make love potions, share spells on Instagram and shun claims they're ‘devil worshippers’" - story at The Sun:

Photo by Stephen Dickson, Wikimedia Commons

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