Tuesday 9 January 2018

Charity Shop Find: Metal Pentagram Candle Holder

Do you think you can have too many candle holders if you are a witch?

Probably - but I still couldn't resist adding this one to my collection. It is a metal candle holder designed to look like a pentagram formed of twigs intertwined with green leaves and berries.

I found it in a charity shop and am particularly delighted with it because when I got it home I realised it fitted perfectly in the engraved pentacle on my small wooden altar.

The first first few weeks of a new year are always great for charity shop finds. So many people have a clear-out after putting away all the festive decorations. I also find it is a great time for buying craft kits cheaply. In the past I've spotted several candle making kits in charity shops at this time of year.

Obviously anything to do with candles appeals to me, because candle magic is one of my favourite things. (I run candle magic workshops and have written a book on candle magic.)

Mind you, I probably do have a few too many candle holders in my collection now. Perhaps it is time to ring the changes and take a few I rarely use down to the charity shop to make space for more lovely finds.

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