Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Question: Dare I Wear These Leggings?

When I saw these over-the-top leggings in a charity shop for £1 I had to buy them.

I did need a new pair of leggings, but was intending to buy an nice, safe, plain pair. Instead I am now the proud owner of leggings covered in occult symbols.

They fit me fine around the waist and legs, but are extremely baggy at the crotch. I'm guessing that's a fashion statement - I'm just not sure it is still a current fashion statement or, indeed, a fashion statement a middle-aged witch should ever have been sporting.

But what do you think?  Dare I wear these leggings?

Dare I wear them out in public even?

Oh and can anyone identify all the symbols on them?

There's no prize if you can, but I'm sort of curious to find out if my leggings are designed to save my arse from demonic possession or instead invite some entity from the netherworld to join me in the saggy parts ;)


Anonymous said...

Go on go for it ,they look great.

Badwitch said...


Unknown said...

DO IT!!! I was bidding on a shirt with the exact same design on it, I didn't win it which was just as well cos it was a size (or 2!!) too small! So I say wear them with pride x

Unknown said...

NO! I'm that friend that will tell you the truth. Don't wear those hideous pants unless you want to release demons from hell.

Badwitch said...

I'm loving all the different comments!

awitchawakening said...

I think they are awesome. Wear them with pride ������

Sharon said...

Yes, wear them! They are funky (in a good way). Put on some funky earrings to match!