Monday, 12 March 2018

News: Witches, Witchcraft, Witch Hunts & Weirdness

A round-up of recent news stories about witchcraft, witch hunts, paganism, the occult and general weirdness:

"Amazon Echo gadgets are doing 'witch-like' laughs and refusing to obey their owners" - story at Metro:

"Dark Somerset: The witches of Somerset" - story at Somerset Live:

"One 'witch' raped, another killed" - story at The Telegraph:

"Witch's Cauldron" - How to make a weird bubbling brew at The Hindu:

"Swinton Druids Temple" - story at Atlas Obscura:

"Land and fire: Chinese villagers celebrate pagan festival" - story at Dhaka Tribune:

"The Twin Cities -- aka 'Paganistan' -- will host a world gathering of witches" - story at City Pages:

"Pagan ritual: riding Alton Towers' new Wicker Man rollercoaster" - story at The Guardian:

"Frances McDormand Reveals She's a Pagan Mom on a New Food Podcast" - story at

"Voodoo dolls of bosses improve staff morale, study finds" - story at The Telegraph:

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