Sunday, 6 May 2018

Can You See My Book In This Shop Window?

Can you spot my book Pagan Portals – Candle Magic in this shop window?

I’ll give you a clue, it is in the top row on the left-hand side.

I’m in Glastonbury for a few days. I arrived yesterday afternoon just in time to visit some of my favourite shops before they closed. Labyrinth Books had a copy of my candle magic book on display and I couldn’t resist photographing it.

The shop owner said she usually also stocked Every Day Magic – A Pagan Book of Days, which I edited, but had sold out and was waiting for a new delivery.

That kind of good news is a lovely start to a holiday for any author.

I’m going to be enjoying the Dragon Festival, which is on in Glastonbury today, and will post some photos on my blog later.

Labyrinth Books is at 24A High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU.


annreckless said...

Fantastic. It must feel great!

Badwitch said...

I squealed and jumped up and down when I saw it :)