Friday 1 June 2018

Midnight Magic - A Jigsaw Puzzle Spell for Good Luck

This jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful black cat is also a spell.

The words on the back of the box explain that while many people think black cats are unlucky, the Ancient Egyptians saw all cats as symbols of good luck. It then suggests a spell with a rhyme to be repeated seven times while gazing into the eyes of the cat in the completed puzzle:
Oh ancient symbol of the pharaohs
Steal across time's flowing sand
Make good luck my close companion
Shadow to shadow, hand to hand
It got me thinking that doing any jigsaw puzzle could be used as part of a spell or a positive visualisation. You could pick a puzzle with picture that symbolises what you want to attract into your life, then complete it within a circle after raising energy and stating what it is you desire.

You could pick an image of your perfect dwelling as part of a spell to find your ideal new home, but you don't have to be too literal. To attract abundance you could choose a picture of field of golden grain. To wish for success in a venture you could choose an image showing mountain peaks. Any cat represents luck of course.

Jigsaws, much like colouring books, could also be used for meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. Pick an image that helps put you in the right frame of mind, light a candle and maybe some incense, take a few deep breaths then start to place the puzzle pieces in a mindful fashion.

My dilemma with this particular puzzle is whether to open it up or not. I bought it in a charity shop for £3.50 with every intention of doing it if it rained over the recent bank holiday. I then looked online and found out it is a rare vintage jigsaw worth quite a bit more than that. My copy is still in its shrinkwrap, too.

So, do I keep it or do I sell it and regard my any profits as being my personal good luck granted?


queenortart said...

You could sell it, keep half the profit and chuck the extra money into the charity shop tin next time you go in.

Stephanie said...

What have you decided?

Badwitch said...

Probably keeping it to do at Yule!