Wednesday 4 July 2018

Doll & Candle Magic: A Spell to Get Rid of a Mouse

Yesterday afternoon, my cat Tuppence came into the house carrying a live mouse in her mouth.

I chased her up the stairs and into the bedroom, grabbing the kitty just as she dived under the bed. Unfortunately, she let go of the mouse, which scampered off into the shadows.

There was no sign of where mousey was hiding and I didn't know what to do.

Luckily, I had several knowledgeable friends on Facebook who offered advice. Apparently humane traps are pretty cheap to get and are stocked by most large DIY stores - so off I went to get one. Friends also suggested peanut butter and chocolate as the best things to put inside to lure a rodent.

Back home and traps set, I shut the bedroom door to leave mousey in peace to take the bait while I settled down on the living room sofa to watch football on the telly. But, while England might have got just enough balls in the goal to win the game, by bedtime I hadn't managed to net a single little mouse.

I decided to sleep on the sofa rather than risk waking up to find a mouse in bed with me.

First thing in the morning, I checked the traps. They were still empty except for chocolate and peanut butter. I reset them, shut the door again and got on with other stuff. When the mouse was still not caught by early afternoon I was getting desperate. I decided it was time to do some magic.

I set up an altar, lit beeswax candles, cut some fresh lavender from my garden and took down from my shelf a little doll I have that is a witch mouse.

Yes, I know a witch mouse is a rather strange thing to own, but I was really glad I had her. I found the little doll in a charity shop last year and had to buy her, even if at the time I had no idea what she could possibly be useful for. Today, I found out.

I used the doll to represent the Mouse Mother. I offered her nuts and fresh water and explained that I wanted to help her kin return to the garden without being harmed in any way. I asked if she would help.

Very shortly after that, I got a strong feeling that I should once again check the traps. This time, there was a small mouse in one. I took mousey straight into the garden and released her. In the photo below you can see mousey in the trap just before I let her go.

I hope mousey has a long and happy life, and doesn't get brought into the house by my kitty ever again.

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Antony said...

I love this mouse doll! It made my day and shows what I love about magic - the creativity that it requires.

Big hugs,

A x

Badwitch said...

Do glad you liked the post and the picture of the doll!

Unknown said...

Como faço para me livrar de pessoas indesejadas

Badwitch said...

I think that translates as "How do I get rid of unwanted people?" Well, generally I would ask them to leave before doing any spellwork. But if they won't go, then do a spell to draw their attention somewhere else - ideally somewhere a long way away. With poppet magic, you could make a poppet of them and send it to some far-off place, wishing the person would go there too.