Thursday, 5 July 2018

News: Magic, Witchcraft, Occult, Paganism

Here is a round-up of news stories about magic, witchcraft, the occult and paganism:

"Spellbound: The Ashmolean explores English magic, ritual and belief" - story at Museum Crush:

""Liber 420" Explores the Hidden History of Cannabis and the Occult" - interview with author Chris Bennett about his book Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult, at Merry Jane:

"4 places to visit if you're into witches" - story at

"The persistence of the feminine, embodied in the witch, demonised, and hounded" - story at Irish Times:

"Six lions killed for witchcraft rituals in South Africa" - story at The Punch:

"From Pagans to the Black Death - new film to reveal history of Sleaford" - story at LincolnshireLive:

"Pagans Want Public Holiday Declared On Traditional Festival Day" - story at Independent Newspapers Limited:

"Lithuanians seek identity in their pagan roots" - story at

You can view Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult on Amazon.

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