Thursday 12 July 2018

News: Archaeology, Heat Wave, Pagans, Witchcraft

A round-up of news stories that could be of interest to pagans, including how the ancient past is being revealed in scorched grass due to the hot summer:

"How the current heatwave is providing unprecedented opportunities for archaeologists" - story at The Independent:

"Brutal Heat in The UK Is Revealing Hidden Footprints of Historic Civilisations" - story at Science Alert:

"Body of 'witch' tormented by villagers 1600 years ago found buried with one-hand tied behind back" - story at

"Chilling witch skeleton found with drill holes in her bones so she couldn't rise from the dead" - story at The Sun:

"A Massive, Black Sarcophagus Has Been Unearthed in Egypt, And Nobody Knows Who's Inside" - story at Science Alert:

"From Genius to Witch: The Rise and Fall of a Filosofessa" - story at the Los Angeles Review of Books:

"'Summer Camp Island' Cures Homesickness With Witches, Yetis, and Aliens" - details of a children's cartoon series at Inverse:

"Great British Mysteries: Rollicking through Tudor history any witch way they want to" - story at Maidenhead Advertiser:

"Ukrainians gather to celebrate pagan holiday of Ivana Kupala" - story at Kyiv Post:

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