Friday 20 July 2018

The Void Of Course Moon and Tarot Card Readings

This post about ways to improve your divination skills by working with the moon was written by professional tarot reader Brad Carels.

Timing your tarot card readings with the moon can have a big impact on your results. The Void of Course Moon is notorious for creating inconsistencies - and I have found this to be true in regards to divination, as well. During this time, your tarot cards may give you unexpected answers that may not make much sense.

Regardless of the urgency of your readings, I would recommend waiting until the VoC Moon has passed before making any serious enquiries.

A Void of Course Moon is when the moon completes its last aspect with any of the planets, and the moon has not yet moved into the next zodiac sign. This event can occur every day or two and can last anywhere from an hour to an entire day. The cause of this difference in length of time is because the position of the planets themselves are always changing.

This Astrological Moon Calendar can be set to your specific location and time zone, so you can see exactly when VoC Moons will be starting and ending. What's even handier is you can see months in advance, so you can plan accordingly!

While Void of Course Moons aren't a good time to perform readings, they can be the perfect time to analyze past readings, or meditate on a card to help attain a deeper connection with it. This is a time that the mind is generally quieter and calmer, which can be optimal conditions for deep thinking and meditation.

Pro Tip: If you lay out your tarot card spread just before a Void of Course Moon starts, you can take advantage of the increased stillness of the mind this provides to deeply analyse the results of your reading. You can also take a picture of readings you perform outside of the VoC Moon, which can then be reassessed during this time for deeper concentration.

Experiment with the Void of Course Moon and see how it affects you and your tarot card readings! First-hand experience can help you better understand the energies the Moon provides.

Brad Carels, Owner of Druid's Tarot


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