Friday 28 September 2018

Review: Shaman Pathways - What is Shamanism?

A new book in the Shaman Pathways series is released today. It is called What is Shamanism? and is a collection of essays by shamanic practitioners from a wide range of traditions. The contributors are Dorothy Abrams, Elen Sentier, Hearth Moon Rising, Imelda Almqvist, Julie Dollman, Janet Gale, Jez Hughes, Kenn Day, Laura Perry, S. Kelley Harrell and Taz Thornton.

I've read and enjoyed books by many of these authors in the past, but I was really impressed with how much information each of them had crammed into their short essay for this book. It offers everything from an overview of the different traditions of shamanism to in-depth look at various techniques.

Editor Trevor Greenfield describes the book on publisher Moon Books' website:
What is Shamanism? is the product of a collaboration between eleven leading Shaman authors and practitioners each tasked with the discussion of a particular central aspect or theme. The result serves as both an excellent introduction to anyone coming to Shamanism for the first time and a stimulating read for the more experienced Shaman interested in engaging with contemporary thinking and debate.
I saw a discussion about the picture for the front cover before the book went to press. The tricky bit was finding common ground between all the various paths that could be summed up in a single image. The close-up of the skin of a drum is what was eventually chosen and I think it is perfect. Just looking at it makes me want to pick up my own drum and try out some of the things discussed inside the book.

You can view What is Shamanism? on Amazon.

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