Sunday 28 October 2018

Megaliths & Magical Dolls: A Day at Avebury Henge

Yesterday I was in Avebury. I had been invited by the lovely people at The Henge Shop to run a poppet-making workshop and sign copies of my books.

Although I wasn't due at the shop until 10am, I decided to get to the henge early in the morning to walk around the stones before the crowds arrived. I hoped I'd be able to take some good photos - and I was lucky.

Although the weather was cold and there was frost on the grass, the sky was clear, the sun was shining and I had the ancient megalithic circles pretty much to myself.

I took the top picture facing east with the sun rising above the stones, then turned around and saw that the setting moon was still visible in west. You can see the moon in the photo at the bottom of the post, as a small white disc just above the treetops. A huge flock of crows was wheeling in the sky overhead. As symbols of death, seeing them above the stone circle was a fitting start for the time of Samhain and Halloween.

But, as magical as the early morning was, I was glad to get into the warmth of The Henge Shop, where I was made welcome. I was offered coffee and chocolate cake in the lovely staff-room kitchen, which also has a great view of the stones from the window. Then settled down at a table by the fireplace in the shop to sign copies of my books for anyone who wanted copies.

By 11am the shop had got busy and it was great to chat to people who came in to browse. Some of them were interested in my books, but many just wanted to ask questions about general witchcraft or pagan topics. I'm always happy to chat about things like that.

The Henge Shop stocks a really wide range of lovely goods. As well as tarot decks, books on esoteric subjects, pagan-style decorations and things like candles and incense, there were some lovely hand-knitted jumpers and shawls that were really tempting for a wintry day.

In the afternoon I ran a workshop on how to make a traditional poppet for protection. I must admit I got a little worried when several people who had booked to do the workshop phoned and cancelled due to colds and flu. But a dozen more signed up over the course of the morning, which made up for it and I think it went well.

By the time I left Avebury it was dusk. The sky had clouded over and it was raining for my journey home. I know I'd been so lucky with the clear sky that morning to take photos. I really enjoyed my day at The Henge Shop and hope I'll get invited back again another time.

The Henge Shop is at Avebury, SN8 1RF. You can visit the website here:


Antony said...

Oh I love Avebury! I'm glad you had a good day.

Big hugs and brightest blessings.

Antony x

The Green Bard said...

So pleased to hear your day went so well. I am happy to have my books in stock at the Henge Shop too. It is a wonderful shop in a wonderful location!

Badwitch said...

Thank you!