Monday 15 October 2018

News: Witches, Witchcraft, History & Halloween

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, so of course news sites are full of witch-related stories. Here are a few of them:

"Home where witch trials victim John Proctor once lived is up for sale" - story at WKRG News 5:

"Meet a witch and make a potion at spooky Halloween Pumpkin Festival" - story at Grimsby Live

"Starbucks Japan unveils new Halloween Witch and Halloween Princess Frappuccino" - story at Japan Today:

"Modern-Day Witches Plan Ritual To Hex Brett Kavanaugh" - story at HuffPost:

"13 Witchy Books To Read With Your Coven This Fall" - story at Bustle:

"Asda is selling a unicorn WITCH cake for Halloween and it's spooktacular" - story at The Sun:

"10 Things to Stop Believing About the Salem Witch Trials" - story at Reader's Digest:

"Man said he stabbed woman because 'she was a witch and he had to slay her,' court docs say" - story at Grand Forks Herald:

"Do you have 'witch' marks in your house or barn?" - story at North Wales Chronicle:

"The Faustian bargains in Witch take on extra resonance in the current political climate" - story at Chicago Reader:

"The US witch population has seen an astronomical rise" - story at Quartz:

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