Thursday 8 November 2018

Magic School: Carl Jung: Roots of his thoughts

Tutor Kenneth Rees is running a course on Carl Jung: The roots of his thought and practice, in central London this autumn.

Here is the information about the course:
Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung was basically a child of his time in respect to European culture, society and philosophical thought. In this course we will explore questions like – what was Jung's own psychological make-up? Why did he have a breakdown and with what outcomes? What are the origins of his ideas regarding the archetypes i.e. the anima, animus, shadow, the psyche and so on?

Can he be called a scientist, an artist, a mystic or even all of these at once?

How significant was alchemy for him as e.g. a model for his concept of individuation ? Did God equal the Self for Jung and did he see himself as some kind of messiah figure as some of his critics have claimed?

These issues will be addressed and an overview of some of the key themes in his thinking will be provided. We will conclude with an overall evaluation of his contribution to individual healing, society and spirituality, including the New Age context.
Venue: The Mary Ward Centre, Queen Square, London WC1 (nearest tube stations – Holborn, Russell Square)
Dates: Saturday 24 November and 1 December
Time: 10.15am – 5.30pm
Course No: 449
Fees: £56 Cons: £20
Enrolment: 0207 269 6000 (or online)
Enquires: 0208 671 6372

The photo shows the Mary Ward Centre

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