Friday 16 November 2018

Tales from the Witch Room: Wow - What a Mess!

This is what my witchy room looked like yesterday morning - what a mess! There were craft supplies all over the place, some lavender drying in a brown paper bag on the floor and a heap of books and tarot cards not put away. I've been so busy running workshops and also doing my university coursework over the past couple of weeks that I hadn't had time to do housework.

I'm pleased to say it is a bit tidier now as I spent the morning reorganising my box of crafting things, bottling the dried lavender, placing things back on shelves and taking a pile of paper out to the recycling.

I had been intending to spend the day finishing all the preparations for the workshop I'm running in a week's time to make Yule tree fairies and angels. (You can find out the details for that on my events page.) I did get quite a bit done in the afternoon, but I really couldn't work in all that clutter.

Mind you, I later discovered I had completely forgotten I was supposed to be meeting a friend for coffee! She was very understanding, considering how rubbish I was. After I apologised over messenger, she offered some great suggestions for improving my workshop.

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Anonymous said...

Housework is just so boring.

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