Monday 14 January 2019

Weekly Divination: Callanish - The Sacred Sites Oracle

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to do more single-card readings with oracle or tarot decks I've not used in a while. It seemed such a waste to own a big collection of divination sets, but only regularly use one or two favourites.

Here is the Callanish card drawn from the Sacred Sites Oracle, by Barbara Meiklejohn‐Free. Callanish is stone circle on the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland. I've never been there, but I would love to visit.

The focus of this card is alignment. For each card in the deck, past, present and potential interpretation are offered, representing the lower, middle and upper world energies at the sacred site depicted. The book that comes with the set also provides a visualisation, mediation, ritual or ceremony related to each card.

For Callanish, the lower-world energy is that of memory and healing - overcoming a lingering past hurt. It suggests taking a ritual bath or go meditative swimming. Explore your thoughts and feelings about what has happened and see if there are any positive aspects, despite the pain.

The middle world message is to attempt to get balance in your life. Remember that order can come out of chaos. At this time of year, keep in mind that although the nights are still now long and dark, the light is slowly increasing. It could also be good to talk to a neutral person about any problems you are facing, to get a balanced view.

The upper world card calls to the part of you that is capable of bringing stability, no matter what struggles you are facing. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. The book says: "Don't be afraid to take a stance, but inform yourself well before you do so."

The visualisation means studying the image on the card of the site of Callanish and imagining yourself standing inside the stone circle at night. See the constellation of Cygnus the swan in the sky overhead. A figure appears to you; it is the dark guardian who asks you to acknowledge your shadow self. Another figure then appears; it is the Shining One who engulfs you in light that dissolves your fears and the worries that weigh you down.

You can view The Sacred Sites Oracle on Amazon and read my review of it here:

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