Thursday 14 February 2019

Divination: Nine of Cups from the Lover's Path Tarot

This is the Nine of Cups, drawn as a reading for Valentine's Day from the Lover's Path Tarot - and it really couldn't be a better omen for the day.

The card is all about joy and sensuality. It indicates a reunion with a loved one is possible, if that is what you seek. The booklet that comes with the deck says: "Some consider this card to be the 'wish' card, meaning a wish could be granted if it appears in a tarot reading.

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to do more single-card readings with oracle or tarot decks I've not used in a while. It seemed such a waste to own a big collection of divination sets, but only regularly use one or two.

Lover's Path Tarot is one of my favourite decks, but for some reason I rarely use it. You might think it is only useful for answering questions about romance, but in fact the focus of the set is on following our heart's calling and being receptive to the potential of love in all its forms, rather than just being about intimate personal relationships.

Using this deck again has reminded me just how much I like it. You can read a review I wrote here.

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