Monday 11 February 2019

News: Merlin, Archaeology, Witchcraft, Paganism, Art

Detail of Merlin text. Picture credit: University of Bristol
Here is a round-up of recent news stories about a rare manuscript discovery, a stone circle debunked, books, art and witchcraft in general:

"Middle Ages Merlin manuscript found in Bristol University library" - story at BBC Bristol:

"Archaeology DISASTER as 'ancient' stone circle dated to 1990s" - story at The Express:

"'I'm lucky to be a witch today. People accept and understand it more now'" - story at Wales Online:

"EVERY WITCH WAY Fascinating stories of Irish witches unearthed in new book as we look back at country’s most enchanting sorcerers" - story at the Irish Sun:

"The pagan boom – why young people are turning to non-traditional religions" - story at Dazed:

"Millennial mysticism: why contemporary poets are turning to the occult" - story at New Statesman:

"CAULDRON WAR Putin-loving Russian witches cast spell to send mystical energy to help Vlad destroy his enemies" - story at The Sun:

"How Susan Hiller turned the occult into radical art" - story at Document Journal:

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