Sunday 28 April 2019

Pagan Eye: The Market at Belostra Festival

Jacqui of Bewitched Botanicals sent me this photo of the market and bar area at the Belostra pagan festival in South Norwood yesterday. You can just see the corner of Jacqui's own stall in the left-hand corner, with a stack of lovely handcrafted soaps and body scrubs for sale.

I'm really gutted that I wasn't able to get there as it is my closest pagan festival, but I was spending the day working on an essay for my MA course, which has a looming deadline. Last year I helped another friend run a stall at Belostra and really enjoyed it.

Belostra festival  is run by Pagan FutureFests and is a day of music, talks, dancing and drumming, and has a great market and bar. The venue, Stanley Halls, also has a lovely independent coffee shop selling home-made food.

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