Friday 5 April 2019

Thinking about Jewellery, Gifts and Memories

When I first went out with the man who is now my husband, he asked me what I would like for a present. ‘You can never go wrong giving me jewellery,’ I told him.

This conversation took place in a restaurant. Two women on the table next to us overheard – and I saw them both smiling and nodding.

Over the years, I’ve realised my husband has an excellent eye for jewellery. He always manages to get me necklaces I love. My birthday is coming round again soon and my husband again asked me what I want. Well, this year books are big on my list as I'm doing an English Literature MA, but even book nerds like jewellery too!

My mother, when she was alive, used to frequently give me jewellery as birthday gifts. One of my favourites is a heart-shaped locket. I put a tiny photograph of her in it, and also a small lock of her hair. When I wear it, I still feel her spirit near me.

The first item of jewellery I was ever given was a bracelet with my name engraved on it. It was a gift from my mum and dad when I was just a little girl. I still have it – and you can see it in the photo I took when I put it in a springtime mandala with flowers. Nowadays, you can get far more exciting personalized jewelry.

I also used to frequently give my mother jewellery for Mother’s Day, her birthday and Christmas. Those pieces have now come back into my own possession, and I keep them to remember her by.

Mothering Sunday might have already gone for this year in England, but Mother’s Day US style takes place on May 12. I was looking on an American jewellery website and realised there are so many more items of mother daughter jewelry now available, like this Two Hearts Mother Daughter Name Necklace.

I’m quite superstitious about the jewellery I wear too – it has to be right for what I have to face in the day or evening ahead. Some items I feel give me help or protection, even if they aren’t a standard type of lucky charm. But the things I wear most often are those that have been given to me by people I care about.

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