Thursday 27 June 2019

Question: Can You Shed Light On This Candlestick?

This picture of a fascinating candlestick with a snake coiling up it was sent to me by Susan Arbos, who wants to learn more about it.

Susan said: "This candlestick was found in my mother's possessions, no idea where it came from. Do you have any ideas what and when it would have been used for? Any info would be helpful."

Apart from thinking that it looks vaguely Victorian, I have no idea idea where or when it was made. I've never seen another one like it.

So, I throwing the question open: can anyone shed any light on when or where this candlestick might have been made?

Do you think it would have been intended for a normal domestic home or some special purpose?

If you have any ideas, either leave a comment below or email Susan at

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1 comment:

Оксана said...

Good day!
My name is Oksana, I live in Ukraine.
Very beautiful candlestick, from it is power.
What was it used for?


Answer: to work on the ceremony, in honor of the holiday, to complete the ritual.
Also for meditation, near holy books.
This thing belonged to a woman. She was a witch. He brought her a lot of joy!

Sorry for the mistakes, I read your blog through a translator and write too.