Sunday 23 June 2019

Summer Solstice 2019: The Good and Bad in the News

Here is a round-up of news stories about events over the Summer Solstice. While many newspapers reported peaceful celebrations at ancient sites, there have sadly also been reports of vandalism and crime.

"Druids have their moment in the sun" - story at The Times:

"10000 People Gathered at Stonehenge to Welcome the Summer Solstice" - story at Mental Floss:

"Swindon Extinction Rebellion condemn logo graffiti on West Kennet Long Barrow" - story at Swindon Advertiser:

"East London churches targeted in 'satanic' arson attacks" - story at The Guardian:

"Isle Of Wight Man Arrested At Stonehenge Summer Solstice" - story at Isle of Wight Radio:

"Mysterious 'Altar' unearthed in Holyrood Park most likely used by pagans not devil worshippers" - story at The Scotsman:

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