Monday 24 June 2019

Jumble Trail Buys: Witch's Hat, Cards & Candle Bits

Yesterday I went around my local town on a jumble trail.

The jumble trail is an event that takes place as part of the annual Penge Festival and involves people putting up tables of things they want to sell in their front gardens. However, it is also a chance to wander around streets that are a bit off the main roads and meet other residents that you might not otherwise socialise with.

I bought the things you can see in the photo to the right, except the owl. The owl is just modelling a rather fetching witch's hat I bought. I'm looking forward to using The Angel Oracle, by Ambika Wauters, which is a lovely boxed set including a hardback book and beautiful oracle cards.

The candle snuffer and small brass holders will be useful additions to the bits and pieces I take along to my candle magic workshops at Treadwell's.

You can view The Angel Oracle on Amazon.

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