Friday 5 July 2019

News: Archaeology, Paganism, Witchcraft & the Occult

Here's a round-up of recent news stories about archaeology, paganism, occult books and witchcraft:

"WIZARD'S GRAVE? Mysterious 4,000-year-old tomb unearthed on Welsh Island may contain remains of ‘ancient sorcerers’" - story at The Sun:

"Pagans still: Wishing tree overburdened" - story at Irish Examiner:

"This library collection is something special" - story about a collection of rare books, including occult gems, at University of Miami:

"Here's What It's Like To Be A Real Witch In America Today" - story at BuzzFeed News:

"Witches, wicca, spells and pub 'moots' all form part of Tasmania's thriving pagan community" - story at ABC News:

"Witness Describes Aubrey Trail As 'Vampire' Leading 'Coven Of Witches' In Sydney Loofe Murder trial" - story at NET Nebraska:

"Woman accused of being a witch was beaten by people" - story at News Track English:

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