Thursday 4 July 2019

Book Excerpt: Bonkers and Broomsticks

Here is a very short excerpt from Bonkers and Broomsticks: A Magical Romantic Comedy, by Sheena Cundy. This delightful Witch Lit novel is the second book in the Madness and Magic series. The passage below shows what a wacky witch does when an unwelcome visitor comes to stay:
Minerva turned the volume up on the telly until it boomed and left the room, leaving her mother glued to the flickering screen in front of her. Funny how something so mundane could have such a magical effect. She despised the television almost as much as she despised her mother. They were welcome to each other.

She found herself wondering if she knew of a dodgy electrician, someone who could fix the insignificant box in the corner of the room with some sort of detonating device, timed to go off when there was no one else in the house or anyway near it…except for her mother. It could be messy though, and of course there was the fire risk, but worth adding to her list all the same. It was true what they said, you had to be very careful what you wished for…it was important to get it right. 
Only the right electrician would do.

You can view Bonkers and Broomsticks on Amazon Author Sheena Cundy is also the creator of the Magic of Nature Oracle Set and lead singer and songwriter with Morrigans Path. Her earlier book is just called The Madness and the Magic.

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