Thursday 26 December 2019

Grateful for the Gift of a Lovely Yule with Family

This is a picture of three of the lovely things I was given for Yule. London is a Forest and Dan Cruicksank's London are both new books I had put on my wish list and really hoped I would be given. The Tarot of Nostradamus looks like great addition to my collection of divination sets. I'll be trying it out soon. But the greatest gift of all was time spent with family on December 25. For me, that is what Christmas Day is all about.

I am very, very lucky to have wonderful family who make me feel welcome, although they are not my blood relatives. My mum and dad both passed on a few years ago. I have cousins who I keep in touch with on Facebook or exchange cards with, but it is my husband's family who have made me feel at home every Christmas since my mum died. Sometimes, family can be people we are close to in other ways: perhaps brothers and sisters in the Craft, or friends who feel like kin.

The gift of being with family this Yule is what I am most grateful for. Thank you!

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