Thursday 19 December 2019

My Attempts at a More Sustainable Yuletide

I am trying to reduce the amount of waste I create this festive season. One of the ways I'm doing that is by being careful with present wrapping.

I wrapped the gifts in the photo using scarves bought from charity shops, rather than paper. The person getting the gift can keep the scarf as an extra present, or give it back to a charity shop if they don't want it. Zero waste.

For the gift tags, I cut the fronts off Christmas cards I was given last year. Every January, when I take my cards down, I cut the fronts off for reuse in that way, then put just the backs of the cards in the recycling. I tied the scarves with leftover wool from another crafting project.

Some of the gifts I am giving have been wrapped in paper, but instead of using sellotape, I tied the parcels up with ribbons saved from things I've been given in the past. When I buy any new paper, I intend to make sure it is recyclable - so no plastic or glitter on the surface. (The glittery thing in the background of the photo is a vintage scarf I inherited from my mother, so that won't be going in the waste.)

I'd also add that I am not buying gifts that are over-packaged this year, and I'm making an effort to get things from small or independent sellers rather than big stores. The items inside both of those parcels in the photo came from stalls at a local Christmas market.

If you have any suggestions for making this Yuletide more sustainable, do leave a comment.

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