Saturday 28 December 2019

Sending out Hand-Made Hearts with a Message of Love

With these little hearts I've joined in a campaign by the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary to send messages of love into the world (and also raise a bit of awareness for the art and healing group).

The campaign was thought up by Patricia McNally, who runs the Art from the Heart blog and runs healing and creativity workshops through the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary.

Pat, myself and a variety of other knitters are creating woolly hearts and then leaving them for people to find, or giving them out. Each one comes with a message that the hearts are being distributed as random acts of kindness. People who find the hearts or get given them can just keep them, or they can pass them on to someone else, or they can be inspired to pass on a message of kindness through something like a smile or offering to help someone.

Most of the hearts are being created as key-rings, but I made the ones in the photo as Christmas tree ornaments and gave them out to everyone at a party I was invited to a couple of days ago.

If you want to find out more about the hearts, join the Facebook group: Rainbow Healing Sanctuary Hearts for the Love of Peace, visit the Art From the Heart blog or email


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