Friday 17 January 2020

Archaeology News: Underworlds, Idols & Death Houses

Here is a round-up of news stories about archaeological finds that reveal information about our pagan past:

"How 3500-year-old 'entrance to another world' was uncovered near Peterborough" - story at

"The ancient Anglesey finds of 'international importance' that you can now see for first time" - story at North Wales Live:

"Archaeology news: Scandinavian warriors buried in ‘death houses' stun archaeologists" - story at The Express:

"This Inca Idol Survived the Spanish Conquest. 500 Years later, Archaeologists Are Unveiling Its History" - story at Smithsonian:

"The upheaval of HS2 is manna for for treasure-hungry archaeologists" - story at The Times:

"Historic England: 10 English archaeological finds of the decade" - story at BBC News:

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