Thursday 16 January 2020

A Shelf of Moon Books Titles at Treadwell's in London

When I was at Treadwell's Bookshop in London earlier this week, I spotted an entire shelf dedicated to titles published by Moon Books. As you may know, my own books on candle magic and poppets are in Moon Books' Pagan Portals series. I also edited the community book Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days, which has the centre spot on the shop display, just behind a very nice black cat ornament.

The other titles in the picture are The Power of the Elements by Melusine Draco, Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch and Kitchen Witchcraft: Garden Magic by Rachel Patterson, Hedge Witchcraft by Harmonia Saille and The Hedge Druid's Craft by Joanna van der Hoeven.

Treadwell's is a truly magical shop in the heart of London. I don't just mean it sells a great range of occult books and witchcraft supplies, although it does. I mean that when you walk through the door you feel you have somehow entered a world where magic comes alive and where anyone of a witchy nature can really feel at home. The shop even has a comfy sofa where you can sit and look through books while deciding what to buy.

You can find Treadwell's between the British Museum and Tottenham Court Road, at 33 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS and you can view the website here:

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