Tuesday 25 February 2020

Pagan Eye: Magical Candle in a Cauldron

This witch's brew of sparkliness is a soy candle in a cast iron cauldron. The picture was sent to me by Alison, who runs a small pagan business called The Magick Cauldron. She emailed me to say:
I love your blog! I run a small soy wax candle business with my daughter from home, including a Wiccan range, available in jars, tins or cast iron cauldrons! We also have a small range of decor too, and are planning to expand our range when we can. We’ve only a tiny company, just starting out, but we put a lot of love into our work. You can find us at www.themagickcauldron.co.uk and I’ve included a few photos below in the hope you might think they are worthy of your blog posts.
Thanks very much for sending in the picture. I love all forms of candle magic and this looks like a wonderfully witchy mixture.

My Pagan Eye posts show photos that I find interesting - seasonal images, pagan sites, events, or just pretty pictures. If you want to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, please email it to badwitch1234@gmail.com Let me know what the photo shows and whether you want your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo must be one you have taken yourself.

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