Wednesday 25 March 2020

This Week's Online Pagan Events and a Few Others

While we are all social distancing, I have decided to only list online events in my weekly posting. Please note that some of the activities are being run outside the UK, so check what time it will start in your location. If you know an online ritual, talk, meeting, workshop, storytelling session or other pagan event you want included, please email me at

Daily: The Children of Circe Facebook Group is showing videos of talks every day, some are live and some are recorded and uploaded before the times stated. The recordings remain on the Facebook page, so you can watch them later. Here are the next few: 25 March, 8pm, Loki’s Children. 26 March, 8pm, Words of Power. 27 March, 8pm,  Hot Foot Powder. 28 March, 3.30pm, Narrative Magic. Tuesday 31 March, 4pm, I will be giving a short guided visualisation. Children of Circe is a private pagan group run by David Levy and sponsored by the Doreen Valiente Foundation. You have to join the group to watch the videos, but you can find it by searching on Facebook and then apply to join:

Free Practical Magic 101 tutorials, including How to do Candle Magic, How to Burn Loose Incense, How to use a Sage Smudge, How to use a Pendulum, plus podcasts from Treadwell's Books:

For the next few weeks, the Kitchen Witch school of witchcraft is offering its online courses for free. The usual prices vary from £20 to £50. Choose from: Crystal Witchcraft, Dark Goddess Pathways, Celtic Gods, Arc of the Goddess, Celtic Goddesses, Magic of Trees and Herbal Pathways. Details here:

Every day:  Free daily online guided meditation with the Mindfulness Association. Time: 7pm. Join here: Https://

Weekly: PF online blessing video: and

Wednesday 25 March; Tolkien Reading Day 2020 - stories online, hosted by Jason Buck Storyteller. Time: 6.30pm. Tickets · £1 - £5.

Thursday, 26 March; Heron Drums Online Drumming Circle. Time: 7pm - on Facebook Live at or on Zoom at

Thursday, 26 March; Shamanism: Walking Between the Worlds. Online class with Chris Allaun, from the USA. Cost: $25 payable via PayPal, Venmo, or Chase QuickPay. Venmo is @chris-allaun. Email is Details:

Saturday 28 March - Sunday 29 March Aphrodite's Flame Monthly Festival. Join Aphrodite's Flame Keepers to tend a flame from dusk to dusk. Venue: Worldlwide. Time: 6pm to 6pm. Details:

Saturday 28 March; WWF's Earth Hour 2020. At 8.30pm, switch off your lights and other electrical items. Stay at home and social distance, but know that you are connecting with people around the world who are also helping save the planet. Details:

Sunday 29 March: North West Kent Pagans Moot. Online live feed. Time: 11am-1pm. Free, but you must be a member of the group.

Monday 30 March; Child Friendly Online Meditation and Sound Bath Session for Stress and Anxiety hosted by Uumbal Holistic. (Every Monday, until Jun 1) Time: 10am, but the session can be accessed for a week. Tickets: £10.

Wednesday 1 April, How to do online workshops - a free online Geek Aid workshop. Not a pagan event, but could be useful for pagans wanting to learn more about running online things. Time: 4.30pm - 5.45pm.

Thursday 2 April; Making Runic Vaccines and Sigils. Live webinar on traditional runic folklore regarding protection magic via Zoom with Imelda Almqvist.  Time: 8pm. Tickets: £25. Details:

Thursday 2 April; A Free 90-Minute Video Event with Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman via The Shift Network. This is being streamed from America, so it is 5.30pm on April 1 there (PT), but 12.30am on April 2 in the UK (just after midnight). You will have to register to tune in or receive the recording:

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not responsible for the content of any of these events except my guided visualisation with Children of Circe. Where a practitioner is offering information about magical protection, this is *not* medical advice.

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