Thursday 23 April 2020

Not a Mandrake: What Should I Call My Fakedrake?

I don't do much weeding in the garden to be honest, and I don't even mow my lawn that often. I like to see the wild flowers growing through it and I'm happy when I see bees and butterflies flitting about among them.

However, the other day I decided I would at least like a nice flat patch I could sit on to admire said wildflowers, bees and butterflies. I did a bit of mowing and I also uprooted some uncomfortable-looking spikey-leaved plants in the middle of the grass. This little root came up with one of the weeds, and it looked so much like a mini person that I had to keep it and put it on my altar. You can see the root itself in the picture above, and on my altar in the picture below.

No, it isn't a mandrake, but it does seem to have some personality of its own. What do you think I should call my fakedrake?

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