Wednesday 15 April 2020

This Week's Online Pagan Events and a Few Others

While we are all social distancing, I am only listing online events and resources in my weekly posting. Please note that some of the activities are being run outside the UK, so check what time it will start in your location. If you know an online ritual, talk, meeting, workshop, storytelling session or other pagan event you want included, please email me at

Daily: The Children of Circe Facebook Group is showing videos of talks every day, some are live and some are recorded and uploaded before the times stated. The recordings remain on the Facebook page. I've recorded videos about poppets, candle magic, the Goddess Eris, and a guided visualisation, which you can still find there. Here are the next few going live: Wednesday 15 April, Mary (goddess series), 6pm; Thursday 16 April,  Innana/Ishtar (goddess series), 8pm; Friday 17 April, Circe (goddess series), 8pm; Saturday 18 April, Inner Powers, 3pm. Sunday 19 April, Claiming Power from Darkness, 3pm. Monday 20 April, Making Oils, 8pm. Tuesday 21 April, Crafting Powders, 8pm. Children of Circe is a private pagan group run by David Levy and sponsored by the Doreen Valiente Foundation. You have to join the group to watch the videos, but you can find it by searching on Facebook and then apply to join:

Free Practical Magic 101 tutorials, including How to do Candle Magic, How to Burn Loose Incense, How to use a Sage Smudge, How to use a Pendulum, plus podcasts from Treadwell's Books: Christina in conversation witch chaos magician Phil Hine; Pam Grossman, New York witch and author of Waking the Witch; Amy Hale: two-part podcast:

The Pagan Federation is offering regular talks, chats and rituals via its Facebook page: There is also a weekly PF online blessing video. The latest is A Prayer for Healing: and

Free online resources from Hay House including podcasts, videos and ebooks on mind, body, spirit subjects:

For the next few weeks, the Kitchen Witch school of witchcraft is offering its online courses for free. The usual prices vary from £20 to £50. Choose from: Crystal Witchcraft, Dark Goddess Pathways, Celtic Gods, Arc of the Goddess, Celtic Goddesses, Magic of Trees and Herbal Pathways. Details here:

Every day:  Free daily online guided meditation with the Mindfulness Association. Time: 7pm. Join here: Https://

Wednesday 15 April, Self-love Online Guided Meditation with Tjasa Marin. Time: 11am.

Wednesday 15 April, The Wyrd Woodland Wednesday - The Lost Lady of The Pines - Online storytelling with Jason Buck Storyteller. Time: 6.30pm. Tickets: £1-£5.

Wednesday 15 April; Chakra Healing Meditation. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Pay what you can sessions (£1-£20). Time: 7pm.

Wednesday 15 April; Sound Journey - Attune to the Moon. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Pay what you can sessions (£1-£15). Time: 7pm.

Thursday 16 April; A Free Live Q and A Webinar on Home Energy Clearing with Goddess Awakening. Time: 8am. Details:

Thursday 16 April; Living Knowledge: Patterns of Life and Death in the Company of a Master. Online talk by Lucy Oliver based on her book. Organised by Watkins Books. 6.30pm. Free event. Details:

Thursday 16 April; Crystal Masterclass, organised by She's Lost Control. Pay what you can session (£20-£30). Time: 7pm.

Thursday 16 April; The Teachings of Tyr - Spiritual Warrior, God and Rune - Live Webinar with Imelda Almqvist. Time: 8pm. Tickets: £25.

Friday 17 April; Friday Night Soul Journeys - Create Your Brightest Reality with George Lizos. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Pay what you can sessions (£5-£20). Time: 7.30pm.

Friday 17 April; Surrender Spell with Mama Moon. This is a candle spell and you will need a white, yellow or pink candle. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Pay what you can sessions (£1-£20). Time: 6pm.

Friday 17 April; Smoke Fairies - At Home. Live online show to raise money for the RSPCA. Time 8pm. Donations: Details:

Saturday 18 April; Freedom and Responsibility. Online talk hosted by Golden Rosycross. Time: 7pm. Free. Tickets:

Sunday, 19 April; The Still Voice Within: Meditation as Woman. Online event with Dancing the Goddess. Time: 9am-11am. Tickets: £22.

Sunday, 19 April; Psychic, Wellbeing and Craft online event. Time: 10am-10pm.

Monday 20 April; Child Friendly Online Meditation and Sound Bath Session for Stress and Anxiety hosted by Uumbal Holistic. (Every Monday, until June 1) Time: 10am, but the session can be accessed for a week. Tickets: £10.

Monday 20 April; Healing Meditation. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Pay what you can sessions (£1-£20). Time: noon.

Monday 20 April; Understand Your Chakras Webinar with William Bloom. Organised by Watkins Books. Time: 8pm. Free event. Details:

Tuesday 21 April. Learn to read the Tarot with Nicky Phoenix, via Zoom. Six-week tarot reading course via Zoom. This course started a couple of weeks ago, but you can still join in at £10 per session / £5 for unwaged. Time: 7pm - 8.30pm.

Thursday, April 23; From Striving to Relaxation: A Journey Led by the Heart with Gemma Polo Pujol. Organised by Watkins Books. 6.30pm. Free event. Details:

Thursday, April 23; Crossbones Vigil (on The Astral). At 7pm on the 23rd of every month since June 2004, people led by John Crow and friends have gathered by Crossbones Graveyard in Redcross Way, London, to honour the outcast dead. This month it is being done on the Astral. In your own space, light a candle say with words you can find here:

Saturday 25 April; Lucya Starza: Talk on Magical Dolls, part of Witchfest Online organised by Children of Artemis. Time: 4pm. Free event. For more details and link to Facebook page:

Saturday 25 April; Portals of London: Highwalks (online). George and Vanessa of London Dreamtime, together with Portals of London, will take you on an online storytelling exploration of the rifts and fractures of the city. Time: 6.30pm. Price: £2.50 by  online payment (contact Vanessa for concession details). Email with the name of the event and your phone number if you want to attend. Details:

Sunday 26 April - Monday 27 April; Aphrodite's Flame Monthly Festival. Join Aphrodite's Flame Keepers to tend a flame from dusk to dusk. Venue: Worldlwide. Time: 8pm to 8pm. Details:

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not responsible for the content of any of these events except my video talks with Children of Circe and Witchfest. Where a practitioner is offering information about magical protection, this is *not* medical advice.

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