Thursday 4 June 2020

Magical Listening: The O People Podcast

I've been sent the details of a new series of podcasts called O People. They are by authors from John Hunt Publishing's O-Books imprint and are mainly on mind, body spirit topics. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so.You can find the first few episodes via the links below their descriptions:

1. Find your Inner O
Paranormal story author Gavin Lee Davies discusses some of the challenges he has endured from child abuse to suicidal depression and how he has embraced life...and discovered the Inner O.

2. Become the Alchemist of your World
Colm Holland, author of The Secret of the Alchemist (pictured above) reveals the story of his encounter with Paulo Coelho and his bestselling book The Alchemist, and how discovering the secret in Paulo’s novel gave him the insights to achieve true empowerment in his life.

3. Learn to LOVE Yourself
Self-Love Pledge is a book that guides the reader to the most important journey of all, that of loving yourself. It is this which opens the doors to a real sense of happiness and fulfilment, and yet it’s one that most people struggle with. Katie Oman explains why learning to love yourself is such an important thing for all of us...

4. The Man Who Fell Under a Train
What if the after-effects of a near-death experience were undeniable? What if a person could suddenly produce high-quality paintings of the afterlife, or if they acquired the ability to compose classical symphonies? Meet David Ditchfield, author of Shine On.

5. Experiencing Life more directly
Meet Anne Egseth, author of This is All He Asks of You, a visionary story about letters never sent, life once flowing and now frozen, and the beauty of human connection. Anne invites us on a journey of listening to your inner voice, the whispers of the trees and rediscovering your lost innocence...

6. Coping with Trauma
Meet Sue Wells, author of A Sense of Something Lost. Do traumas, whatever their nature, shape, define or ruin our lives? Or encourage us to see that our greatest challenges are also keys to the freedom we seek, enabling us to find who we are beyond our personal story?

7. What if There is Nothing to Change or Fix?
Martin Wells, author of Sitting in the Stillness - a collection of stories from the therapy room -  invites people to go beyond these personal accounts to the universal, beyond the agitations of the mind to an infinite stillness of being. His stories include examples from group therapy, mindfulness groups, family and couples’ therapy and demonstrate our fundamental interconnectedness.

8. Energies Blocking us from Developing our True Potential
Meet Ann Drake, author of The Energetic Dimension. We all have an energetic body that houses all our memories and experiences of all our lifetimes. We absorb energies from our families, our previous incarnations as well as from the culture in which we live. These energies often mask who we truly are and may block us from developing our true potential.

The O People podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor FM, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts (available in the U.S), Pocketcast, Acast, PlayerFM,, Tune IN, and Breaker, Spreaker.

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